Spain vs Paraguay in Quarter Final

This tasty dish was pretty spanish. Chorizo and butterbeans with Bacon wrapper chicken with Paprika. Served with long grain rice. Still think Germany will batter Spain in the semi final.


England Win!

Firstly, come on! Still well below par but at least a better performance and more importantly a win that qualifies us for the knockout stages to be, er.. knocked out on sunday. James Milner, pleeaasseee stay at Villa.

Anyway, with england playing, and winning, there was really only one dish that could accurately sum up a country and today’s game. And I suspect there will be these a-plenty consumed tonight. I give you ladies and gentlemen – chicken tikka masala…

Deny this dish a place at England’s cuisine based monarchy at your peril.

Greek Salad for, erm… Greece

The weather is warm and I’m off out to play football at 8.30 so nothing heavy for dinner tonight. Ahhhh, Greek salad. you’ll do.

Feta, green leaf things, pine nuts, olives and so forth, served with pitta bread. Surprisingly filling actually.

Spainish Tapas vs Honduras

Tonight’s game see’s a Spanish side wishing to crucify Honduras to put last week’s embarrassing defeat behind them. So we done Tapas…

A mixed bag as you’d expect. Here we have:

  • Garlic mushrooms
  • Prawns in a chilli flake oil
  • Tomato and mozzarella stack with fresh basil and balsamic reduction (fancy)
  • Tempora chicken strips
  • Some bread
  • Chilled Sangria

and the sun is out again. Perfect, even for a monday.

Italy vs New Zealand… aka Pizza!

Homemade Pizza. Nuff sed.

Oh ye, with dough balls and garlic butter…

Oh ye, and well done New Zealand! Un-bloody-leaveable…

Algerian Lamb

This was just simmering to a lovely conclusion as England contrived to do the exact opposite. How frustrating was that game??! This was really straightforward and you can put all kinds of veg in to change it up a bit. If only Capello had the mind to do the same, though describing Heskey as a vegetable is being unkind to cauliflower. Roll on Slovenia!

England vs Algeria


Did BBQ, it rained. Had it inside with beer and some mates. Nothing more english than that.